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Berlatih soal UAS B.Inggris

1. Siti: Good afternoon mother.
Mother: Good afternoon Siti. How was your day?
Siti: …
a. It was great thank you.
b. I am ten years old.
c. No, thank you.
d. I’m sorry.
2. A: What is your father’s name?
B: ...
a. My father’s name is Tono.
b. My name is Tono.
c. He is a pilot.
d. He is 40 years old.
3. I want to make a line. I need a ...
a. eraser
b. sharpener
c. bag
d. ruler
4. Can you get me the book, please. It is … the table.
a. on
b. in
c. under
d. between
5. Mother bought me … because the old one is broken.
a. Fan
b. Iron
c. Television
d. Rice cooker
6. Where is the computer? It is ... the blender and rice cooker.
a. on
b. in
c. under
d. between
7. My favorite subject is ... . I like to study about planet, animals and human body.
a. English
b. Mathematics
c. Science
d. Sport
8. ... is a place where students can play with their friends.
a. Library
b. Playground
c. Canteen
d. Restroom

9. We want to go to the beach. Don’t forget to bring your ...
a. Sunglasses
b. Sunglass
c. Glasses
d. Sunglassess
10. My mother’s niece is my ... .
a. Cousin
b. Aunt
c. Grandmother
d. Sister
11. This animal has for legs and long neck. It eats grass. What animals is it?
a. Elephant
b. Giraffe
c. Cow
d. Monkey
12. I have 2 toy cars and ... marbles. (13)
a. thirteen
b. Thirty
c. Threety
d. Threeteen
13. Twenty four devided by six equals ... .
a. eighteen
b. twelve
c. thirty
d. four
14. B.J. Habibie is the ... (ketiga) president in Indonesia.
a. first
b. second
c. third
d. foutrth
15. A: ...
B: I am twelve years old.
a. How are you?
b. How old are you?
c. How was your day?
d. How do you go to school?
16. What time is it ? It is ... .
a. a quarter past nine.
b. a quarter to nine.
c. quarter to nine
d. nine past a quarter.

17. Yesterday was Sunday. The day after tomorrow is ...
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Wednesday
d. Thursday
18. What is the date today?
a. It is the eleventh of May two thousand and nine.
b. It is the May eleventh two thousand and nine.
c. It is the two thousand and nine May eleventh.
d. It is eleven May two thousand and nine.
19. The month before July is ... .
a. May
b. June
c. August
d. September
20. A: Can you open the door, please.
B: ...
a. Sure.
b. No, thanks.
c. I’m hungry.
d. You’re welcome.
21. ... some milk? No, thank you. I don’t like milk
a. Do you want
b. Can you make
c. Can you help me
d. Do you eat
22. My uncle is a waiter. He works in ...
a. hospital
b. restaurant
c. school
d. market
23. The market is ... the fire station.
a. across
b. between
c. next to
d. behind
24. Doni is a ... . He sells fish in the market.
a. fishmonger
b. policeman
c. teacher
d. doctor

Read the text to answer no 25 -26
Ani gets up at 5 o’clock every morning. She prepares herself to pray. After she finishes her pray, her mother asks her to help her in the kitchen. Ani helps her mother cooks breakfast. Her brother Agus helps too. He cleans the floor and waters the plants.
25. What does Ani do after pray?
a. Ani cooks breakfast in the kitchen.
b. Ani cleans the floor.
c. Ani eats breakfast with mother.
d. Ani gets up every morning.
26. Who cleans the floor?
a. Agus
b. Ani
c. Agus’s brother
d. mother
27. Rearrange the words into good sentence.
tongue – taste – I – with – can – my
a. I can taste with my tongue.
b. I can tongue with my taste.
c. I with my tongue can taste.
d. I my tongue with my taste
Read the dialog to answer no 28 – 30
Waiter : Can I help you?
Dini : I want a bowl of meatball.
Rina : I like fried rice.
Budi : Mmm. I think I’ll have burger.
Waiter : What about the drink? We have ice tea, coconut ice, avocado juice, ..
Dini, Rina, Budi : Avocado Juice.
28. What does Budi like to eat?
a. meatball
b. fried rice
c. burger
d. egg
29. What do they want to drink?
a. ice tea
b. avocado juice
c. coconut ice
d. ice cream
30. How much fried rice does Rina want?
a. a plate
b. a bowl
c. a glass
d. a bar

31. Choose the correct sentence
a. My hobby is listening to pop music.
b. my hobby is listen to pop music.
c. I hobby is listening to pop music
d. I hobby is listen to pop music.
32. Mira likes to bring shuttle cock and racket. her hobby is ...
a. playing football
b. playing badminton
c. swimming
d. jogging
33. Put the sentence in order. (Urutkan kalimat berikut ini)
1. Add sugar.
2. To make a cup of tea, put the tea bag in the cup.
3. The tea is ready to drink.
4. Pour hot water in the cup.
The correct order is ...
a. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
b. 2 – 4 – 1 – 3
c. 4 – 1 – 2 – 3
d. 3 – 4 – 1 – 2
34. The clock is ...
a. square
b. round
c. triangle
d. oval
35. We will have picnic today. The sky is ... and the sun shines brightly.
a. black
b. brown
c. blue
d. red
36. The actor is very ... . He is tall and has pointed nose.
a. short
b. beautiful
c. handsome
d. slim
37. My brother is ... because his cat is sick.
a. sad
b. happy
c. angry
d. afraid

38. Hadi ate too much chili. Now he has …
a. headache
b. stomachache
c. sore eyes
d. influenza
39. This T-shirt is very expensive. It costs … . Rp. 125.000
a. one hundred and twenty thousand rupiah.
b. one hundred and twenty five thousand rupiah.
c. one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah.
d. one hundred and fifty five thousand rupiah.
40. Seller : What do you want to buy?
Buyer : I want to buy shoes. ....?
Seller : It’s two hundred thousand rupiah.
a. How many is it?
b. How much is it?
c. How is it?
d. What money is it?
41. Kiki always brings her ... to market, so she will not forget what to buy.
a. shopping list
b. trolley
c. stove
d. handkerchief
42. A: ... do you have?
B: I have 2 oranges.
a. How many oranges
b. How much oranges
c. How oranges
d. What oranges
43. Mrs. Hanny bought chicken, potatoes and ...to make soup.
a. carrots
b. lettuce
c. spinach
d. chili
44. Lina ... book from library yesterday.
a. borrow
b. borrows
c. borrowed
d. borrowing
45. The students always go to school by ...
a. bicycle
b. motorcycle
c. bus
d. train

46. ... does father go to Balikpapan?
a. What
b. Where
c. When
d. How

47. Roni walked to the ... .
a. north
b. east
c. south
d. west

48. Students usually bring ... books in the bag.
a. his
b. her
c. their
d. my

49. What is Billy doing?
a. He is driving a car.
b. He is reading a book.
c. He drives a car.
d. He reads a book.

50. I will not go to your house. It is ... and it will rain soon.
a. sunny
b. cloudy
c. foggy
d. stormy

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